February 10, 2018

Kim Ban Cheo's A baba wedding PDF

By Kim Ban Cheo

ISBN-10: 9971711885

ISBN-13: 9789971711887

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The Pak Chindek had no assistant and he had to do the job of the Bukak Koon himself; but this task was relatively easier because the bridegroom was, unlike the bride, not encumbered by a heavy gold and silver crown, a chest laden with jewellery and heavy robes. Bibik Ah Mui is the last of the old school Sang Kheh Umm. Here, ably assisted by her daughter the Bukak Koon, she makes final adjustments to the bride’s multi-layered gown. 40 41 42 4 Chiu Thau Purification Rite And initiation Into Adulthood The way a sam kai altar is set up was prescribed by tradition.

22 Besides this, the Nyonya matchmaker was an incurable romantic. However, there have been tales of unscrupulous matchmakers who, on being bribed by a family with an old spinster with some defects or a young man who was similarly handicapped, would go to great length to deceive the other party by all sorts of trickery. Happily, in such cases, the matchmaker, having been exposed, would naturally lose the confidence of families with eligible children. This delicate papercut done in the phoenix and peony design echos the motifs frequently found on Nyonya porcelain.

The sam kai is raised specially for each occasion and is taken down immediately afterwards. The sam kai consists of two specially made tables which are placed one on top of the other. The lower table which serves as the base, has curved legs which end in carved 44 gilt work and its front, back and side panels are also lacquered and decorated with carved gilt patterns. The top of this base-table is a wooden grille to allow smoke from the incense burner placed under it to rise. Square depressions, about 2 cm deep, at each corner of the table, hold the legs of the top table securely.

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A baba wedding by Kim Ban Cheo

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