February 10, 2018

Download e-book for kindle: A Learner's Guide to Warlpiri: Wangkamirlipa Warlpirilki by Laughren, Mary Napaljarri

By Laughren, Mary Napaljarri

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LOCATION E N D I N GS When something is the location of another thing, then the location word, typically a nominal, has a special ending on it, either +ngka or +rla. This is called the location ending (in most technical linguistic descriptions of Warlpiri this ending is called the locative case) . It translates the meaning expressed by English words such as in, on, at, which typically come before the noun referring to a location. Listen to sentences 1-10 and pay special attention to the word with the loca­ tion ending: 1.

Walyangka ka ngunami maliki. Ngunami ka maliki walyangka. 24. Kamta ka yujukurla nyinami. A woman is sitting in a humpy. Kamta ka nyinami yujukurla. Yujukurla ka nyinami kamta. Nyinami ka kamta yujukurla. 25. Kurdu ka parrajarla ngunami. A baby is lying in a coolamon. Kurdu ka ngunami parrajarla. Parrajarla ka ngunami kurdu. Ngunami ka kurdu parrajarla. 26. Kurdu kulaka pirlingka nyinami. Kulaka kurdu pirlingka nyinami. Kulaka pirlingka nyinami kurdu. Kulaka nyinami kurdu pirlingka. 50 Part Four The child is not sitting on the stone.

19. Puluku ka yuwurrku_ karrimi. The bullock is standing in the scrub. 20. Nantuwu ka yarlu 21. Warlu ka rdaku __ __ karrimi. j ankami. The horse is standing in the clearing. The fire is burning in the hole. WORD ORDER From listening to the different ways in which words can be ordered in sen­ tences 22-27 below you will see just how variable word order is in Warlpiri. Note, however, that the auxiliary word ka always follows the first word of the sentence, while the negative auxiliary kulaka can only be the first or sec­ ond word of the sentence.

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