February 11, 2018

Peter Kreeft's A refutation of moral relativism: interviews with an PDF

By Peter Kreeft

ISBN-10: 0898707315

ISBN-13: 9780898707311

No factor is extra fateful for civilization than ethical relativism. historical past understands no longer one instance of a winning society which repudiated ethical absolutes. but so much assaults on relativism were both pragmatic (looking at its social outcomes) or exhorting (preaching instead of proving), and philosophers' arguments opposed to it were really good, technical, and scholarly. In his general distinctive writing variety, Peter Kreeft shall we an enticing, sincere, and humorous relativist interview a "Muslim fundamentalist" absolutist in order to not stack the cube in my view for absolutism. In a fascinating sequence of non-public interviews, each available argument the "sassy Black feminist" reporter Libby provides opposed to absolutism is just and obviously refuted, and not one of the many arguments for ethical absolutism is refuted.

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Everything flows; everything is in flux. Truth itself evolves, even God evolves, through human history, according to Hegel. So there's another reason to believe that everything is relative, relative to the stage of development. Libby: Even God evolves, according to Hegel? 'Isa: Yes. History is like a mother, and God is its baby. Libby: And? 'Isa: And then along came Nietzsche, who aborted the baby. Or rather, who claimed that the baby was already aborted. " Interview y. The History of Relativism / 49 Nietzsche was an Existentialist, and Existentialism was a reaction against Hegel, but it was usually even more relativistic than Hegel.

Kant wanted to defend that part of traditional morality. Traditional morality said that some acts were always wrong, for everybody, in all situations and all times. But traditional morality also said that moral judgments were objectively true, that they told you something about objective reality, about the nature of things out there, independent of our minds and our opinions. Libby: How could "values" be "out there" like atoms? Interview 3: The History of Relativism / 45 'Isa: Ah, that's the point, that's the big difference.

Most absolutists are arrogant, like you. 'Isa: Socrates was not unusual. Most religious people are humble because they know they're under God. But they're absolutists because their principles come from God. You see? Their humility and their absolutism come from the same source. It's not an unusual combination at all; it's inevitable. God, therefore absolutism. Under God, therefore humble. Libby: Well, I'm not here to argue today, but to interview, so I'll let that go. 'Isa: You mean you can't refute it so you'll let it go.

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