February 10, 2018

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By Allen Greenfield

Having spent the day musing over the origins of the modern
witchcraft, I had a vibrant dream. It appeared to be a chilly January
afternoon, and Aleister Crowley was once having Gerald Gardner over
to tea. It used to be 1945, and speak of an early finish to the battle was
in the air. an environment of optimism prevailed within the "free
world" , however the wheezing previous magus used to be having none of it.
"Nobody is drawn to magick any more!" Crowley ejaculated.
"My pals at the Continent are lifeless or in exile, or grown old;
the flow in the USA is in shambles. i have obvious my best
candidates flip opposed to me....Achad, Regardie -- even that
gentleman out in California, what is - his - identify, AMORC, the
one that made the entire money.."

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Having been tricked into this act of obeisance by a pagan guide named Skeggi, Olaf had men ransack the temple; Olaf reserved for himself the privilege of unseating the idol of Thor from the offending chariot. In temples that served several deities, Thor often was granted precedence. Sacrifices of bread and meat were common tributes to Thor, while some temples contained a ritual bowl in which was caught the blood that flowed from sacrificial beasts. The saga of Thorolf the Bearded of Most (recorded in part both in Landnamabok and Eyrbyggjasaga) describes some elements common to temples to Thor, as well as rituals associated with founding such sanctuaries.

Archeological finds in Denmark suggest that some smiths traded in both Christian and pagan amulets (sometimes even utilizing the same mold), and finds in England confirm that Thor’s hammers were popular talismans through much of the Anglo-Saxon period. As late as the twelfth century a temple of Thor in Sweden is recorded to have contained huge bronze hammers with which it was believed that thunder could be ritually replicated. The hammer of the ancient god Thunor was equated by the Romans with the club of Hercules, and Germanic mercenaries fighting for the Romans worshiped their deity by both names because of this association.

Thorolf Mostarskegg Establishes a Temple to Thor Thorolf Mostarskegg was a great friend to Thor, as his first name implies; his surname informs us that he hailed from the tiny island of Most off of the west coast of Norway, and that he had a great beard, as well befits the followers of the thunderer. When Harald Fairhair was consolidating his control over that kingdom, many freedom-loving landholders who were used to going their own way departed Norway for new homes abroad. Thorolf was one of those who had a mind to try his the pantheons 29 luck elsewhere, so he consulted his friend Thor as to his best course of action.

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