February 10, 2018

Abduction: The Ufo Conspiracy by David Bischoff PDF

By David Bischoff

ISBN-10: 0446354899

ISBN-13: 9780446354899

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23 Finally, at the end of 2002, the king issued another royal decree reviving the HMC and instructing its head and the prime minister to work together to encourage independent media institutions. 24 Not surprisingly, when Jordan’s Audiovisual Commission was established under Provisional Law No. 25 A further royal decree, issued in November 2003, authorized the prime minister to delegate responsibility for the commission to another minister. After the culture ministry was also abolished but then revived, a new prime minister decided in April 2005 to delegate the media portfolio to the culture minister, Asma Khader.

Its reinstatement was likewise attributed to personalities, on the grounds that Lahoud saw in New TV an instrument to defend his interests against Hariri. Hariri took action against New TV in January 2003 after it trailed a programme in the series Bila Raqib (Without a Censor) that was to host Saudi government and opposition figures discussing 44 A R A B T E L E V I S IO N T ODAY Saudi–US relations, the Saudi budget, and the likely impact on Saudi Arabia of a US-led invasion of Iraq. Since the programme was to be transmitted on New TV’s satellite channel, cabinet jurisdiction over satellite broadcasting came into play.

15 The NAC eventually created was a ten-member body, half appointed by the cabinet and half by parliament, drawn from the ranks of artists, scientists and other professionals. 16 Yet it is questionable whether manipulation of NAC membership was strictly necessary given the limitations already imposed on NAC powers. Ultimately its role was as an advisory body, producing non-binding guidance for the council of ministers. Its remit was to advise on the allocation of broadcasting licences and the drafting of the Guidebook of Operating Conditions.

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Abduction: The Ufo Conspiracy by David Bischoff

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