February 10, 2018

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By J. A. Callow

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The newest quantity during this sequence maintains as a close evaluate in botanical technological know-how to a large viewers. The papers during this quantity are of basic curiosity and current interesting updates of vital features of plant development, body structure, and copy.

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The resultant change in pressure across the cell plasma membrane and wall, higher on the lower side, and lower on the upper side, would be instantaneous. This pressure difference can be calculated; it is the density of the cytoplasm times gravity times the diameter of the cell. 1 Pa higher at the bottom than at the top. For a large stimulation (90’ rotation), the pressure change at the new lower side would be 5 X Pa. Plants respond to stimuli that are at least 100 times smaller. The pressure change would have to be detected against the background turgor pressure, which is typically 5-15 X 10’ Pa.

3. Statolith Motion If statolith velocity is the parameter which is detected, perception would be due to an effect which depends on conditions varying with time. The statolith could affect the structural or the electrical conditions in the cell. Cytoskeletal shear. The change in gravitational potential energy when an amyloplast sediments was calculated above. How much of the potential 22 T. BJORKMAN .. '. Statolith Mechanotransducer Intracellular signal Transmitter Fig. 4. If a statolith is doing work on a transducer, it will sediment more slowly than predicted by the viscosity of the medium.

G. (1985). In “Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology”, vol. 11, “Hormonal regulation of development. 111. Role of environmental factors” (R. P. Pharis and D. M. Reid, eds), pp. 193-281. Springer Verlag, Berlin. Pickard, B. G. and Thimann, K. V. (1966). J. Gen. Physiol. 49, 1065-1086. Pilet, P. E. (1985). “The Physiological Properties of Plant Protoplasts” (P. E. ), pp. 226-235. Springer Verlag, Berlin. Poovaiah, B. , Reddy, A. S. M. and McFadden, J. J. (1987). Physiol. Plant. 69, 569-573. , Pugliarello, M.

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