February 10, 2018

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14) where one of these elements could fail and the wall would still deliver light. But it is hard not to be intrigued by the possibilities for display. In independent but relevant developments, many workers have explored smart surfaces incorporating sensors and/or actors. For example, Emfit of Finland and DuPont Teijin Films of the UK have cooperated on ambitious applications for piezo sensor foils in automotive electronics. In a living room, these foils might act as directed microphones and/or speakers, or simply as embedded switches.

Smart cards meet that criterion in practice; they have been designed to be moderately bendable – compatible with the user's wallet – and they already contain a silicon microprocessor featuring ever more power and ever more cryptography. 2 does not have to disappear into some kind of slot during use. Then there is a certain appeal to having the smart card doubling as shopping card and calculator or an augmented authentication device. These formed part of the traditional smart card road map, even before the advent of printable electronics.

A second group lines surfaces that are neither planar nor cylindrical, such as a doll's face, a toothpaste tube or a bottle of Armagnac. They have to be printed using a pad printer (page 78). One might say that conformal electronic displays have still to reach infancy; what we see in the market are conformal non-electronic displays using thermochromic inks. They don't use electronics but they do have applications in medicine, textiles, etc. Power sources Many of the advantages of printable or flexible displays are negated by having conventional power sources, so printable solar cells are highly relevant, particularly as they are not yet ideal for outdoor use and might find an early market in energy scavenging.

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