February 10, 2018

Download PDF by Donald F. Glut: Age Of Dinosaurs Coloring Book (Start Exploring)

By Donald F. Glut

ISBN-10: 0585307768

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ISBN-13: 9781561384563

Our commence Exploring™ introductory texts, offered in coloring-book shape, are loved via adults in addition to childrens. they supply fantastic introductions to advanced matters in an easy obtainable approach.

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These bands formed a continuous bony shield on their backs for protection. Ankylosaurs lived on every continent. They thrived in the Late Cretaceous, but early forms have been found in Upper Jurassic rocks. They were among the last groups of dinosaurs to die out. Their success rate was probably helped a great deal by their heavily armored bodiesabout the only way a meat-eater could harm an ankylosaur was to turn it on its back so that its unprotected belly was exposed. Page 79 Page 80 There were two ankylosaurian groups.

Sometimes their bodies were lined with long spikes. An ankylosaurid also carried a powerful weapon a heavy club of bone at the end of its tail. When swung, an Ankylosaurus tail club was just high enough to seriously wound the ankles of even the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs of the day. Page 81 Page 82 Bird Feet The Ornithopoda, or ''bird feet," were an advanced group of bird-hipped dinosaurs. In reality their feet were even less birdlike than those of theropods. Dino Facts NAME: Heterodontosaurus ("mixed-tooth lizard," because of its different kinds of teeth) GROUP: Heterodontosauridae WHEN IT LIVED: Late Triassic WHERE IT LIVED: South Africa SIZE: About 3 feet long NAME: Hypsilophodon ("highridged tooth") GROUP: Hypsilophodontidae: WHEN IT LIVED: Early Jurassic WHERE IT LIVED: England, Spain SIZE: 5 feet long, 140 pounds Ornithopods lived from the Late Triassic until almost the end of the Cretaceous.

75 pounds NAME: Ornitholestes ("bird robber," once believed to have preyed upon the bird Archaeopteryx) GROUP: Coelurosauria WHEN IT LIVED: Late Jurassic WHERE IT LIVED: Wyoming, Utah SIZE: 6 feet long Chicken-sized Compsognathus, an early coelurosaur, is the smallest known dinosaur. One of the most complete and best-preserved dinosaur skeletons is a specimen of Compsognathus, discovered in limestone in Germany. The development of this specimen's bones show that it was a juvenile when it dieda mature adult would have been bigger.

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