February 10, 2018

New PDF release: Amarna Sunset: Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, Ay, Horemheb, and the

By Aidan Dodson

ISBN-10: 9774163044

ISBN-13: 9789774163043

This new research, drawing at the most modern examine, tells the tale of the decline and fall of the pharaoh Akhenaten’s spiritual revolution within the fourteenth century BC. starting on the regime’s high-point in his yr 12, it lines the next cave in that observed the deaths of a few of the king’s family, his makes an attempt to assure the revolution via co-rulers, and the final frenzied attack at the god Amun. The publication then outlines the occasions of the next 5 many years that observed the extinction of the royal line, an try and position a foreigner on Egypt’s throne, and the accession of 3 military officials in flip. between its conclusions are that the mum of Tutankhamun used to be none except Nefertiti, and that the queen was once joint-pharaoh in flip with either her husband Akhenaten and her son. As such, she used to be herself instrumental in starting the go back to orthodoxy, undoing her erstwhile husband’s life-work earlier than her personal mysterious disappearance.

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Ta]sherit, born of [. ] born of the King’s Great Wife [. ”57 Interpretation is hampered by the incomplete state of the inscriptions and the fact that at least some of the texts involved have been cut over inscriptions referring to Kiya and her daughter. 58 Indeed, this may have led to some distortions, as renaming a figure of Kiya for Ankhesenpaaten or (more usually) Meryetaten when that figure was accompanied by Kiya’s daughter might make it appear that the said princess had become a mother when this was not actually the case.

Meketaten within a bower being mourned by her parents and sisters Meryetaten, Ankhesenpaaten, and Neferneferuaten-tasherit (TA26, room γ). Furthermore, in the other decorated chamber in the complex, room α, we find a wall that has two almost identical scenes, one above the other (fig. 17). The upper one clearly shows a child and a nurse outside the (destroyed) death chamber, but although traces of the body survive in the lower register, the area outside the room is too badly damaged to be sure whether a child was present here as well.

5). That name rapidly gains a pair of enclosing cartouches (fig. 6)23 before the depiction of the god switches to the abstract form of a sun disk with descending rays (fig. 24 This switch in the iconography of the god was rapidly followed by a dramatic change in the way the king—and by extension the rest of humanity— 6 INTRODUCTION Fig. 7. A Karnak relief showing Amenhotep IV (with his nomen surcharged as Akhenaten) in a proto-Amarna style, worshiping one of the earliest known abstract depictions of the Aten (Louvre E13482ter).

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Amarna Sunset: Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, Ay, Horemheb, and the Egyptian Counter-Reformation by Aidan Dodson

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