February 10, 2018

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By Evelyn Wolfson

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The incident of the buzzard shaping the mountains occurs also in the genesis myth of the Creeks and Yuchi, southern neighbors of the Cherokee, but by them the first earth is said to 3 have been brought up from under the water by the crawfish. Charles Hudson, a distinguished professor of anthropology, has written numerous books about the southeastern Indians. He says about the Cherokees’ various worlds: The Southeastern Indians conceived of This World as a great, flat island resting rather precariously on the surface of the waters, suspended from the vault of the sky by four cords attached at each of the cardinal directions.

While men hunted game, women collected quantities of wild grapes, blackberries, huckleberries, wild roots, and nuts in season. With assistance from the men, women raised corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, sunflowers, and other cultivated crops. The Cherokees lived in large towns that were organized in sophisticated political units. Their houses were made of small trees woven between upright posts and plastered with clay. This building style is called wattle and daub. A central council house and open plaza were reserved for religious ceremonies and festivities.

She wanted to be outdoors running free. In spring, Tolowim-Woman’s young husband went off to greet the salmon as they began their journey inland from the sea. She stayed at home to care for their young son and to do chores with the other women. But she longed to go into the hills and walk among the fresh bright-colored spring irises. One day, while the women of the lodge were busy chatting among themselves, Tolowim-Woman put on her new buckskin dress, picked up her young son, whom she called Aki, and slipped quietly out the door.

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