February 10, 2018

Joan A Price's Ancient and Hellenistic Thought (Understanding Philosophy) PDF

By Joan A Price

ISBN-10: 0791087395

ISBN-13: 9780791087398

ISBN-10: 143812032X

ISBN-13: 9781438120324

Old thinkers supplied the rules of the philosophical approach, interpreting the universe's objective, in addition to humankind's position inside of it. This name covers pre-Socratic, Classical, and Hellenistic philosophers and their theories, illuminating a few of the enduring solutions given in regards to the nature of the area and people who stay in it.

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Indd 29 1/9/08 3:35:25 PM 30 ANCIENT AND HELLENISTIC THOUGHT Leucippus Scholars consider Leucippus the founder of the atomistic school and a speculative thinker of the highest degree. Yet, scholars give Democritus the credit for working out the detailed application of the theory. We have very little biographical data for Leucippus. Some scholars doubt that he ever existed, but Aristotle and others refute this notion. In fact, in his work entitled Of Generation and Corruption, Aristotle discussed many of Leucippus’s atomistic ideas.

With the exception of Pythagoras and Heraclitus, a group of paid teachers called “Sophists” and the unpaid philosopher Socrates were the first Western philosophers to ask questions about the nature of human beings, their moral problems, and the meaning of life. ” Their findings gave them an important place in the history of science as well as philosophy. indd 32 1/9/08 3:35:26 PM 2 THE CLASSICAL PERIOD: THE SOPHISTS AND SOCRATES The unexamined life is not worth living. —Socrates The Sophists were skeptical of the pre-Socratics’ efforts to find a universal substance.

You have not yet told me what its essential character is. indd 45 1/9/08 3:35:29 PM 46 ANCIENT AND HELLENISTIC THOUGHT if you please, keep me from what piety is; begin again and tell me that. Never mind whether the gods love it, or whether it has other effects; we shall not differ on that point. Do your best to make clear to me what is piety and what is impiety. Euthyphro: But, Socrates, I really don’t know how to explain to you what is in my mind. Whatever statement we put forward always somehow moves round in a circle, and will not stay where we put it.

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