February 10, 2018

Download e-book for kindle: Angela Carter by Linden Peach (auth.)

By Linden Peach (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0333676165

ISBN-13: 9780333676165

ISBN-10: 1349259438

ISBN-13: 9781349259434

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In fact, Morris tends to translate life into death. He imagines the old woman who works as a skivvy at the cafe, for example, creeping nearer and nearer the grave and envisages the loneliness of her death. He thinks of her as the Struldbrug, the name given to the immortals in Swift's Gulliver's Travels who only get older and uglier. Confessing to his friend, Oscar, that the cafe makes him sad, he sees his meringue as 'whited sepulchres with dead men's bones inside them' (p. 32). Although Morris is a failed painter, the fact that he struggles to paint distinguishes him in a crucial respect from Emily and Honeybuzzard.

But all these statements need further consideration in the light of ideas, interests and preoccupations around the concept of Woman and 'radicalism' in the pre-Japan fiction. Much of what she wrote about Japan and produced afterher stay there provides a gloss on the early fiction. The account of the puppet master in 'The Loves of Lady Purple' from Fireworks: Nine Profane Pieces (1974) is clearly a product not only of Japan but of her experience of having written The Magie Toyshop. lt recalls, for example, the sinister nature of Uncle Philip, the novel's toy maker and puppet master, the way in which he tries to transform his niece into a puppet and the way in which he serves as a parody of patriarchy: The puppet master is always dusted with a little darkness.

This psychic and physical dissembling demonstrates Kristeva's point that meaning, identity, system and order collapse when confronted with 'what does not respect borders, positions, rules' (1982, p. 4). It raises questions about Morris's autonomy. Where, the novel asks, are the boundaries to be drawn between Morris and Honeybuzzard? To what extent are individuals, both male and female, complicit in acts of intimidation, degradation and violence in which they are not directly involved? Dostoevsky's The Double, to which I referred earlier, suggests the doubleness and sickness of all personality.

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Angela Carter by Linden Peach (auth.)

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